I started MTC as a way to share my expertise and love of good design, inspiring photography, hand-crafted illustration and drawings, and helping companies and individuals market themselves in meaningful and effective ways. Specializing in delivering tangible solutions, I love tackling creative conundrums with the goal of delighting my clients, and regularly creating the spectacular.

About me.

What you should know...

I am a Senior Marketing, Communications, and Brand Professional offering more than 20 years of proven leadership acumen built from a series of increasing responsibilities in marketing, communications, and brand roles within global organizations. I am a leader of teams that consistently maintain high measurable rates of return while producing effective, analytics-based, world-class marketing and shared services materials that drive sales and delight customers.

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In any creative endeavor, the scariest part is wondering where to start – you know, that blank page staring back at you?Throughout my career, I have welcomed that uncertainty, faced it head on, wrestled it to the ground, and turned my clients’, co-workers’, and leaders’ ideas, inspirations, and business needs into deliverables that deliver.

My expertise.

The skills and services I've worked hard to develop:

  • Graphic design & art direction
  • Photography for any project
  • Brand strategy & architecture
  • Marketing strategy & execution
  • Integrated marketing & campaigns
  • Brand development & management
  • Illustrated notes & ideation
  • Corporate identity & logo design
  • Corporate communications & PR
  • Video development & production
  • Copywriting & content development

How can I help you?

Whatever your design, strategy, or creative need, be it for a business problem, some marketing collateral, a logo, an illustration, video or maybe just a visual quandary you’d like help with, please send me a note or give me a call. 

I’d be delighted and honored to assist you.

MarkTenneyCreative   /  email: marktenney2@gmail.com   /   mobile: 720.480.6239

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