Friday, August 9 – Day 2 – Rome

Rome Landing in Rome, we successfully navigated the obligatory immigration maze the airport architect took great delight in designing to properly greet and confuse visitors. This maze phenomenon certainly isn’t exclusive to Rome. There are immigration mazes at every international airport. Maybe there’s a rule book somewhere that oversees the immigration layout process with the […]

Up In The Air (Almost)

The story that took the internet (and the world, for that matter), by storm today was the little six year old boy who supposedly took off in his dad’s experimental “aircraft” for about three hours and who caused a huge stir when he couldn’t be found after the helium-filled balloon came down in a remote […]

Thumbing Through Life

My wife and I have three daughters. All three are ‘wells of hyperbole,’ you know those over-the-top ways parents describe their children: wonderful, beautiful, delightful, amazing, AWESOME! The difference in my case however (and I’m being completely objective here), is that these adjectives area 100% accurate. My girls are all those things and more. Our […]

A Foggy Morning

I arose early this morning for my regular Wednesday workout and found a thick blanket of fog had covered the neighborhood and streets of the town where I live. The drive was cautious and mysterious as streetlights and stoplights emerged from the gloom, then disappeared as we moved through the morning mist. The funny thing […]
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